D-NAIL® Manual Heat Press - Factory Seconds / Scratch & Dent

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  • Minor cosmetic damage that will not affect functionality
  • Offered at a significant discount
  • Extremely limited quantities available
  • Prices include UPS Ground Shipping (US ONLY!)
  • 30 day limited warranty


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Please note: This listing is for our remaining stock of factory seconds / scratch & dent Heat Presses. They are offered at a discount but will have minor cosmetic damage that does not affect functionality. Potential defects include scratches on the paint or teflon plate coatings, dents or dings in the metal frame, etc.


Available Models:

All prices include UPS GROUND shipping within the United States. We apologize, but we can not ship internationally with this run.

Scratch/Dent presses are covered by a 30-Day Limited Warranty.

The Heat Press is hand-operated mechanical press designed to maximize your control over heat and pressure while remaining compact and affordable enough to suit home and personal use. Both the top and bottom plates heat independently allowing for individual temperature control, in addition the pressure can be controlled using the mechanical pressure knob. This is all new first-generation hardware, and is already performing admirably. We believe that a product like this, that is accessible and does not use any harmful chemicals to operate, is a beautiful and necessary thing for the world.

Pressure output is dependent on press configuration, surface area of the material you are pressing, and physical strength of the user. In our testing, we have obtained typical results of 600-700 PSI over a 1in2 surface area.

Frequently asked questions and usage information: CLICK HERE.

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