Standard, Extended Life, and Encased Heaters 25% Off.

120V 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm sizes only. Flat coils, 220V heaters, and cartridge heaters do not qualify.


Our heaters are compatible with digital and analog vaporizers. Other brands of vaporizer - even those that also use XLR connections - may have different wiring configurations. Connecting a heater to an incompatible vaporizer can destroy or cause permanent damage to the vaporizer, heater, or both, and may present a serious safety hazard. If you have another brand vaporizer and would like to use one of our heaters, contact us before ordering. We do not know the pin configuration of every vaporizer on the market, but are familiar with several - in some cases we can even wire a heater specifically for your device.

Be safe.