Highly Educated InfiniTi with D-NAIL® 45° Adapter

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The InfiniTi by Highly Educated is a highly versatile nail compatible with all 90° 14mm and 18mm male and female rigs, drop-downs, and adapters. It uses a 5-piece design including a tapered male base, tapered female base, small titanium dish, large titanium dish, and threaded center rod to connect the parts you need. This kit includes one additional component - the 45° Angle Adapter, which adds compatibility with 45° rigs as well! It's the ultimate in versatility, ideal for when you will be using your nail on multiple rigs or if you're not sure exactly what size you need.

The InfiniTi is compatible with flat coil heaters. On a 90° rig, attach your male or female base as needed on the bottom, then the small dish, heater, and large dish (in that order) on top. The heater should be snug between the dishes for good contact, but do not over-tighten. On a 45° rig, the heater and large dish attach to the male side of the 45° adapter, which connects directly to the top of the threaded rod, with the male or female joint on the bottom as needed.

Optionally include a Flat Coil Heater and/or Sapphire Insert and save $10!


  • Includes Highly Educated InfiniTi (MSRP $150) and 45° Angle Adapter (MSRP $35) - total value $185
  • Compatible with 14mm male, 14mm female, 18mm male, and 18mm female joint sizes
  • Compatible with 90° and 45° joint angles
  • Compatible with Flat Coil heaters
  • Compatible with Sapphire Insert for InfiniTi/SiC
  • Compatible with The SiC Dish by and all other V1 series dishes except V1.3 Chicago-Style Deep Dish

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