A Brief History of the HALO™

A Brief History of the HALO™

Normally I keep my posts to technical info about our products and designs, with so many people talking about our recent releases, the Quartz and Silicon Carbide HALO™, I felt some background information should be provided about how these came about. Shortly after first starting, we put our heads together and thought long and hard about nail designs. Many ideas and courses of action were raised, the one currently pertinent was the investigation into ceramics.

After a lot of research, testing and confidence in it's safety, June 2014, we released our Alumina inserts for our V1 10mm nail head in effort to provide a more even vapor surface. The idea was since quartz thermally insulates and titanium is considered a fair thermal conductor; that pure Alumina with a thermal conduction 1.5 – 2x that of Ti and comparably inert to quartz was a good start. The results met expectations and was well received by the community. As such the first member of our multi-material system was birthed. In August 2014, the Alumina inserts evolved into what are now the Sapphire inserts due to it's similar thermal conduction but excellent chemical resistance.

This entire time we were working on Silicon Carbide. This material is extremely hard and notoriously difficult to machine. With a chemical resistance on par with Sapphire and thermal properties unrivaled by other ceramics, it performed like we couldn't believe and I was determined to make an affordable design out of it. Almost no one saw our 1st generation prototype. A few more experienced our 2nd generation design which was our first SiC/Ti hybrid. Then we came about an easy solution to the next evolution of our multi-material system: In February 2015, thus came the 3rd iteration as the design the community is now becoming familiar with, the SiC HALO™. The goal has been to make dishes out of different materials while maintaining thermal efficiency, but the problem was how to make them work with the bases everyone was already using. The dish/retainer combo paired with flat coils overcame this major hurdle that plagued the multi-material system.

Now in August of this year, we celebrated the anniversary of the Sapphire inserts with the release of the Quartz HALO™ and the leak that we are working on a Sapphire version. Along with these dishes another new idea was introduced, our Wik surface, a textured surface that improves material spreading, heat transfer and aids vapor formation. The HALO™ design has been a few years in the making and hallmarks a milestone for our designs. Peoples reaction is better than I could've hoped, and am grateful for everyone's enthusiastic support. I look to the future with anticipation of what new ideas may develop.

— Nicholas

  • Posted on September 24, 2015

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