Stabilized Uptemp Procedure writeup available!

Stabilized Uptemp Procedure writeup available!

You may have heard mention of an "uptemp" or "stabilized uptemp" technique for electric nails that is designed to maximize flavor while limiting waste of your essential oils.

If you have not, or are not sure what this technique is, here's a brief overview: the flavors in your essential oil are due to a range of volatile organic compounds such as terpenes. Each one vaporizes at a slightly different temperature, and many are broken down or destroyed entirely if exposed to too much heat. By starting at a low nail temperature that rises through the hit, each compound has the chance to vaporize before being destroyed, meaning more of your flavor is preserved. Because the hit ends at a high nail temperature, waste (such as pooling) is also reduced (compared to a hit entirely at low temperatures).

Our R&D team have taken a look at this technique and created this writeup exploring their findings. Feel free to check out their results, including comparison of how well different nail materials (ie titanium, quartz, SiC, sapphire) fare with this approach.

  • Posted on November 16, 2016

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