D-NAIL® HALO™ and Sapphire Inserts

D-NAIL® HALO™ and Sapphire Inserts

We wanted to take a moment to confirm for everyone that the Sapphire Insert for HE InfiniTi / D-NAIL® HALO™ is Indefinitely Out of Stock. If you have been waiting to make your HALO™ purchase until this item came back In Stock — please wait no longer and continue reading!

In order to take advantage of using a Sapphire Dish Insert with your HALO™ dish of choice, we made a very minor design upgrade that all HALO™ customers must be made aware of —

The Titanium Retaining Lug for HALO™ Dishes (for securing a HALO™ dish to a nail base) has been updated to allow compatibility with BOTH the Sapphire Insert for HE InfiniTi / D-NAIL® HALO™ and the V1 Sapphire Insert (previously only compatible with smaller titanium nails like the 16mm HE OG nail).

We began including these updated retaining lugs with all new HALO™ dish purchases at the end of December 2015.

If you recently purchased your HALO™ wihin the last 30 days of this news post, then you should already have this newer titanium retaining lug and you can immediately pair your HALO™ with the V1 Sapphire Insert.

If you want to purchase a V1 Sapphire Insert and you recently purchased a HALO™ within the last 180 days of this news post, you received the older titanium lug — and you may send your HALO™ Order# showing Proof of Purchase within the last 180 days via e-mail to contact@d-nail.com and we will send you this updated titanium piece with your new V1 Sapphire Insert purchase.

Whenever possible, we give back to our customers and the community that supports us. Being able to help people is priceless to us, and that's why we are offering this free lug to eligible customers in thanks for your continued support.

  • Posted on January 27, 2016

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