Upgrade 2-Year Warranty on Digital Control Station to Lifetime


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Please read carefully before ordering!

This warranty upgrade can only be applied to digital vaporizers that are currently covered by our 2-Year Warranty. This can NOT be used to upgrade the warranty on analog vaporizers, DIY kits, or digital vaporizers that are already covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

If you have any doubt as to whether your vaporizer is currently covered by our 2-Year Warranty and is eligible for upgrade, please Contact Us with a photo of the sticker(s) on your vaporizer showing the model and/or serial numbers. We would be happy to identify your warranty coverage and answer any questions for you.


Once you order this upgrade, we will contact you by e-mail to request a photo of the sticker on your unit for verification. We will use the e-mail on your account unless you request we reach you another way in the order comments. Your order will NOT be completed until we have received your photo! If you do not respond within several business days, or in the event your vaporizer is not eligible for warranty upgrade, we will refund your purchase in full. Once we receive your verification, we will mail you your proof of upgrade sticker. If you would like to claim the free replacement heater immediately, we can ship that together with the proof of upgrade - just let us know when you send the verification photo.

Warranty details:

Our Lifetime Warranty (formerly the 3-Year Warranty), pretty simply, covers the control station against failure.

Accidental damage, or damage caused by misuse (ex. Spills or water damage, melting due to setting a hot nail or heater on control station, tampering with or altering control station components, etc.) is not covered, however we will work with you to repair your control station at a fair price – usually the cost of replacement materials. If you drop it in a pool, run it over, as long as you can send it in, we'll send a quote and rebuild/replace as we are able.

Our Lifetime Warranty also includes One (1) Free Heater Replacement! There are too many factors that affect heater lifespan that we offer this instead. Most people use their free replacement for a different size when they get a new nail. You can too.

There is no need to register your control station in any way to be eligible for warranty coverage. Warranties are tied to the controller's Serial Number and will transfer if the control station is ever given away or sold.

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